David Gillis Design

Base Camp:

To climb the highest peaks, mountaineering expeditions assemble the right tools and the right people, support them with dedicated partners, and use planning, teamwork and tenacity to make it to the summit. Here at the MaineHealth ACO, we bring together the same elements of success to reach our own summit: high-value health care.
But what does that mean, high-value health care? For us, it means evolving the current volume-based, fee-for-service model of health care to better meet the Quadruple Aim of higher patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, deeper focus on population health and a more satisfied and supported health care workforce. One of the primary levers that we’re using is innovative contracts with our health plan partners that reward excellent care delivery, highest quality and appropriate utilization of our valuable health care resources rather than rewarding production and a high volume of visits, tests and procedures.
I invite you to turn the virtual pages of this report to witness how our expedition to higher-value care is proceeding. As you climb up the mountain with us, you’ll hear from members of our team who are removing barriers along the path or assisting with a challenging ascent. You’ll learn how we’re using sophisticated data and analytics with Arcadia, our population health management tool, to increase our rate of progress and provide the information needed to navigate the path forward. And, you’ll see how diverse teams, providers, partners and individuals across the ACO network are pulling together to propel all of us forward toward our highest goals.
All good mountaineers take time to reflect on journeys made and to plan for journeys ahead. As we look back at 2018 in this report, I invite you to learn about the accomplishments of the many care teams across the MaineHealth ACO, recognize value-based care that you were part of, and connect to the ACO priorities we are focusing on so we can align our resources with your needs. Our tools include data and analytics, value-based contract negotiations, care management and coordination, network managers and communication experts who can develop solutions for you no matter what part of the trek you are on.
Thank you for allowing the ACO to be part of your expedition up the mountain. I look forward to continuing our partnership as we seek to provide high-value care to all patients. I welcome meeting you anywhere along the way and hope you find this glance back at 2018 an inspiring reminder of how far we’ve already come.